How to Select and Change your Skin in Fortnite – Everything You Need to Know

With the rising popularity of battle royale games, Fortnite has captured the hearts of millions around the globe. One captivating aspect of Fortnite is its vast array of skins or character outfits. These range from classic default costumes to extravagant superhero attire, enabling players to express themselves uniquely on the battlefield. Are you a Fortnite enthusiast interested in spicing up your game with new skins? Or perhaps you’re a newbie, uncertain how to navigate the wardrobe changes? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will unravel the mystery of selecting and changing skins in Fortnite.

Skins in Fortnite Explained

Skins in Fortnite

Skins are essentially the costumes that Fortnite characters wear during matches. However, they’re not just about aesthetics; skins help define a player’s identity in the game, making the gaming experience more personal and fun. Fortnite offers an array of skins, including those based on popular culture icons, unique in-game characters, or themed costumes for particular seasons or events. Remember, though, skins don’t provide any gameplay advantages – they’re all about showing off your style!

Where to Find Fortnite Skins

Before we delve into how to change skins, it’s vital to know where you can acquire them. Here are the primary sources:

1. Item Shop

Fortnite Item Shop

The Fortnite Item Shop is the marketplace for skins. New ones appear daily, and there’s always a selection of featured and daily items. You can purchase these using V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency.

2. Battle Pass

Fortnite Item Battle Pass

Every Fortnite season comes with a Battle Pass, a tier-based reward system. As you progress through the game and complete challenges, you earn Battle Stars, which can unlock tiers and earn you skins and other cosmetic items.

3. Promotional Events

Occasionally, Fortnite collaborates with other brands or franchises to bring exclusive skins. These might be part of special events or rewards for owning specific products.

4. Gifts

Friends in Fortnite can gift skins to each other. If you’ve been a good squadmate, perhaps someone might send a surprise your way!

How to Select and Change Skins in Fortnite

The process of selecting and changing skins in Fortnite is straightforward, but it may seem daunting for first-time players. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Launch Fortnite

Open Fortnite on your device and navigate to the lobby. The lobby is your home base, where you can prepare for matches, customize your loadout, and, of course, change your skin.

2. Open the Locker

Fortnite Locker

On the lobby screen, you’ll see a tab called “Locker.” Click on it. The Locker is where all your Fortnite cosmetics are stored, including your skins.

3. Select ‘Outfits’

Once the Locker opens, you’ll see various customization options. To change your skin, you’ll need to select “Outfits.”

4. Choose Your Skin

After clicking “Outfits,” you’ll see a library of all the skins you own. Scroll through your collection until you find a skin you want to equip. Once you’ve found it, select it.

5. Equip Your Skin

After selecting your desired skin, click on the “Apply” or “Equip” button (the text may vary depending on your platform). Your Fortnite character will now wear the chosen skin in your next game.

Remember that the process may vary slightly depending on the device you’re using (PC, console, or mobile), but the general steps remain the same.

Changing Skins During the Game

You might wonder if you can change your skin in the middle of a Fortnite game. Currently, Fortnite doesn’t allow players to change skins during a match. Once you’ve selected and equipped a skin, you’ll need to stick with it until the end of the match. However, you can switch skins between games as often as you like!

Tips for Selecting the Right Skin

  1. Identify Your Style: Fortnite skins come in all sorts of themes, from menacing monsters to dazzling divas. Your skin should reflect your style and personality. Are you a fan of superheroes? Grab that Captain America or Black Widow skin! Love something more whimsical? How about the Peely Banana skin?
  2. Budget Wisely: As fun as it is to collect skins remember they cost V-Bucks, which can add up. Plan your purchases wisely, focusing on skins that you’ll enjoy long-term.
  3. Event-Based Skins: Fortnite frequently introduces event-based skins (like Halloween or Christmas-themed). If you’re a fan of these events, save up your V-Bucks to splurge during these times.

If you also have a steam account, you can connect with other gamers outside of Fortnite without the use of skins by picking a funny username. Check out our blog post on 300 funny Steam names!

Gifting Skins and Receiving Gifts in Fortnite

Another aspect of skins in Fortnite that’s worth exploring is the concept of gifting. Fortnite allows players to send gifts, including skins, to their friends. This can be an exciting way to share your love for the game, celebrate a victory, or just surprise a friend. Here’s how you can gift a skin:

  1. Go to the Item Shop: From the Fortnite main menu, navigate to the Item Shop.
  2. Select a Skin to Gift: Find a skin you’d like to gift (make sure you have enough V-Bucks!). Click on it, and instead of clicking ‘Purchase’, select ‘Buy as a Gift.’
  3. Choose a Friend: A list of your Fortnite friends will appear. Choose the friend you’d like to send the gift to.
  4. Add a Message: You can add a personal message to your gift to make it more special.
  5. Send the Gift: After adding your message, click ‘Send.’ The V-Bucks will be deducted from your account, and your friend will receive the skin when they next log in.

Remember, you need to have been friends with someone for at least 48 hours on Fortnite before you can send them a gift. Plus, you can only send a few gifts each day, so choose wisely!

The Rarity of Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Epic skins

Skins in Fortnite are categorized into different rarities, which often reflect their uniqueness and price. From least to most rare, the categories are Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Gold).

Legendary skins are often the most distinctive and are typically priced at 2,000 V-Bucks. They’re usually part of larger sets that include other items like gliders, pickaxes, and back bling. Epic skins, at 1,500 V-Bucks, are still quite detailed and often come with additional items. Rare, Uncommon, and Common skins are simpler and less costly, but they still offer a wide range of styles to suit every player.

Keeping an Eye on Leaks and Teasers

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, often hints at new skins before their release. Following Fortnite’s official social media accounts can give you an edge in spotting these teasers. Moreover, several online communities dedicate themselves to discovering and sharing leaked Fortnite skins. If you’re eager to get the newest, coolest skins, staying connected with these communities can keep you ahead of the curve.

Wrapping Up

Fortnite skins provide a fantastic way to express your personality on the battlefield and have some fun. They’re a testament to Fortnite’s commitment to personalization and player immersion. While selecting and changing skins is straightforward, remember that the right skin choice can make your Fortnite experience even more enjoyable.