Cross-Platform Play News: Ubisoft Comments on Rainbow Six Siege

Cross-platform play has become increasingly popular in the gaming industry, providing players the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games with friends and other players, regardless of the platform they use. In this article, we’ll explore the latest news regarding cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege, as Ubisoft shares their comments on this highly requested feature.

Now that Sony has opened their eyes to cross-platform play with other consoles on the PS4 starting with Epic Games’ Fortnite, Gamers want to know current/future releases that might be updated to include the ability to play with each other no matter what console/PC they might own.

Psyonix confirmed their interest into bringing cross-platform play to Rocket League on the PS4, BUT it would take some time.

Now fans of one of the biggest multiplayer games around, Rainbox Six Siege, have received a response regarding the possibility of CPP coming to it.

There are no plans for crossplay at this time, but we are always open to improving the Rainbow experience.

— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) October 6, 2018

Never say never! Ubisoft isn’t afraid to take risk with their games to help the longevity of the title. For Honor was one of the main titles released on Games With Gold this year. Plus think about Team Xbox v. Team PlayStation as a main event on Twitch? That’s easy money, Brah!

What do you think? Should Ubisoft add cross-platform play to RSS?!

Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about the current state of cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft’s stance on the matter. Let’s dive in!

1. The Rise of Cross-Platform Play

Over the past few years, cross-platform play has become a significant factor in the success of many games. As more and more players demand the ability to connect with friends across various gaming platforms, developers have taken note and started implementing this feature.

Cross-platform play is a game-changer in the industry, allowing for larger player bases and increased accessibility for all gamers.

2. Rainbow Six Siege: A Brief Overview

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular tactical first-person shooter game developed and published by Ubisoft. Since its release in 2015, it has gained a massive following, boasting millions of players worldwide. The game revolves around intense, close-quarters combat and requires precise teamwork and strategy to succeed.

3. The Demand for Cross-Platform Play in Rainbow Six Siege

As Rainbow Six Siege’s popularity has grown, so has the demand for cross-platform play. Players want the freedom to compete with and against their friends, regardless of the platform they’re using. This demand has led to increasing pressure on Ubisoft to implement cross-platform play for their flagship title.

4. Ubisoft’s Response to Cross-Platform Play Requests

Ubisoft has been relatively quiet on the subject of cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege, but recent comments have shed some light on their plans. In a recent interview, a Ubisoft representative discussed the importance of cross-platform play in the gaming industry and acknowledged the strong demand from their player base.

5. The Challenges of Implementing Cross-Platform Play

The Challenges of Implementing Cross-Platform Play

Although cross-platform play is highly desired, implementing it in Rainbow Six Siege is not without its challenges. Ubisoft has cited concerns about balancing gameplay and maintaining a fair competitive environment across different platforms. Additionally, the technical aspect of integrating various platforms can be a complex undertaking, requiring significant time and resources.

6. Ubisoft’s Progress on Cross-Platform Play

Despite these challenges, Ubisoft has made progress in their efforts to bring cross-platform play to Rainbow Six Siege. In a recent update, the developer implemented cross-progression, allowing players to maintain their game progress and unlocks across multiple platforms. This move is seen as a stepping stone towards full cross-platform play in the future.

7. The Impact of Cross-Platform Play on Rainbow Six Siege’s Community

If Ubisoft were to implement cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege, it would likely have a significant impact on the game’s community. Cross-platform play would open up new opportunities for players to connect with friends and compete against others, regardless of their chosen platform.

This could lead to a more inclusive and diverse gaming community, fostering growth and increasing the overall enjoyment of the game.

8. The Future of Cross-Platform Play in Rainbow Six Siege

While Ubisoft has not yet confirmed the implementation of cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege, it seems likely that this feature will eventually make its way to the game. The increasing demand from players, along with the progress made in cross-progression, suggests that Ubisoft is moving in this direction. However, the timeline for full cross-platform play remains uncertain.

9. How Cross-Platform Play Could Affect Rainbow Six Siege’s Esports Scene

The introduction of cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege could also have a significant impact on the game’s esports scene. By allowing players from different platforms to compete against one another, the level of competition would likely increase, raising the overall skill level within the community.

This could lead to more intense and entertaining esports events, attracting even larger audiences and generating increased interest in the game as a whole.

10. Cross-Platform Play in Other Ubisoft Titles

The potential introduction of cross-platform play in Rainbow Six Siege could also pave the way for similar features in other Ubisoft titles. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, cross-platform play is becoming more and more important for developers to remain competitive.

Ubisoft’s success in implementing this feature in Rainbow Six Siege could serve as a blueprint for their other games, further solidifying the company’s position as a leader in the gaming world.


In conclusion, cross-platform play is an essential feature that many players are eagerly awaiting in Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft’s recent comments and progress in cross-progression indicate that they are aware of the demand and are working towards implementing this feature.

While there are challenges involved in bringing cross-platform play to the game, the benefits for the community, esports scene, and the future of Ubisoft’s titles make it a worthwhile endeavor. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, cross-platform play will likely become a standard feature in all multiplayer games, and Rainbow Six Siege is no exception.

Keep an eye on future updates and announcements from Ubisoft to stay informed about the latest developments in cross-platform play for Rainbow Six Siege.

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