AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition – The Review

Back in 2019, I along with many was invited into AFFECTED: The Manor for a tour if you will. A tour that even back then, played on your emotional strings of both expected and the many not-so-expected jumpscares throughout. It invited all in with some not lasting the entire experience to those who were brave enough to try and make it all the way through. So does developer Fallen Planet Studios improve the experience in any way? Yes…yes they do. Let’s find out more with AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition for PCVR, PlayStation VR, and Quest 2.

In AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition, you will experience the horror as terror lurks around every corner as you venture deeper into the abandoned house and find the only thing keeping you alive is your sanity, or lack of, as you try and escape. So before you jump right in, there are a few things that you will want to do.

Affected The Manor Complete Edition

For one, find your favorite location with your favorite place to stand (you can also play seated) as well as your favorite headphones or earbuds.

Second, if you want the added bonus, turn off all the lights. I mean you are in this world, might as well embrace it all to the fullest.

Third, feel free to be filmed and for those who will try this as well, film them. It’s only fair, plus it will be entertainment for years to come.

Fourth, make sure your controllers are fully charged or your batteries replaced. You don’t want to forget only to have your controllers die because you didn’t charge them and then you are stuck inside the manor wishing you would have remembered to charge them or replace the batteries.

And finally, I will not spoil anything for anyone as I will just provide just a little more than a glimpse of what’s in store for you. With that said…let’s continue…

Oh, wait…the final thing you should know is the WARNING. AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition is intense and uses jump scares, loud noises, and flashing images. DO NOT PLAY if you have any known health issues or are of a nervous disposition. Viewer Discretion is ADVISED!

Affected The Manor VR Complete Edition

Honestly, don’t attempt if the warning in any way, shape, or form gives you a red flag. In fact, watching others get scared can be just as entertaining. Now, with that said…let’s continue…

When you first start AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition, if you have experienced the game on any of the different platforms is first the overhaul of the graphics. It really is impressive how developer Fallen Planet Studios has improved them here. Next, you should see will be the main door with the settings to the left. You have the option to select your skin color, the Rotation Type with smooth or snap turning, and the speed Speed with normal and slow.

If you can handle it, go for the smooth turning and normal speed. If you want to take in the sites of the Manor in a more tourist-type fashion, feel free to go snap and slow. In fact, for all those that you want to try, make sure to give them the snap and slow options and I am just sure they will thank you in so many different ways. You also get to see how the controls will be which are very easy and you should have no problem remembering what to do.

Affected The manor VR game

Before entering the Manor, there are a few different modes that you can select. You have the regular experience with the Manor, The Darkness (which is new for PlayStation VR players), and the new spooky mode called The Gauntlet which is included in this edition.

The main experience allows you to enter the manor starting with you being on the outside. Walking up and hearing the footsteps to the creaky gates just gives you the smallest of tastes when it comes to the sounds that you will hear. You are trying to make it through the manor as you have two routes to take with four alternate endings. There are no puzzles to solve and really, they are not needed here. This is about you, your thoughts, and promises of how you will turn your life around if you can just make it through. I mean, you do at least have a flashlight that may or may not work when you need it the most.

With The Darkness, you are entering the Manor, but this time it’s all done by candlelight. The Darkness is in the main area with the settings, you just need to turn around and move the candle in order to select it. If you thought the main experience was already spooky enough, just try experiencing it all by the light of a candle as it adds a new level to the fear.

Then we have the newest mode, The Gauntlet. When you first start AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition, it will ask you permission to use your mic. The reason for this is with this new mode, you are doing a speedrun through a randomized obstacle course with the fastest time possible. However, any screams or shrieks you make will be recorded for a unique rating at the end of each of the runs on the leaderboards which is a very nice touch to add here.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound. From playing the PlayStation VR version to now the Quest 2 version of the game, I can say the graphics are overhauled for the game. If you thought what you have seen previously added to the atmosphere, this enhances that thought and asks you to bring your own holy water for the experience. From the lighting that is used to even having the flashlight flicker to the just barely enough light of the candle, the visuals are well done and should bring pleasure to your eyes.

With the sound, the presence of horror was already a feature that made AFFECTED: The Manor what it was with the jump scares. The Complete Edition adds to that and somehow on what seems like a bigger soundstage. The eerie background music to just the pounding sounds where they need to be all forcing you to look where it wants to at the times it needs you to is impressive.

I do enjoy the fact that we now have the complete package here, but the only thing that I would love to see is the additional additions, AFFECTED: The Asylum, AFFECTED: The Carnival, and AFFECTED: The Cabin get reworked into the same way as AFFECTED: THE MANOR – Complete Edition has been and then release the Ultimate Complete Edition.

AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition still gives us enough to let you know where you are and know that you are the guest in the manor. It still adds the jump scares where it is needed and will pull your emotional strings. It brings new modes with a graphical overhaul that should please any VR horror to horror fan alike. It shows that if we keep trying and working hard, we can all achieve our final form.

AFFECTED: The Manor – Complete Edition is out now for Quest/Quest 2 and Oculus Rift/Rift S on the Oculus Store, the PlayStation VR, and Steam VR, and coming soon to VivePort. A review code was provided. To learn more about Fallen Planet Studios, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy it. Until next time, I need to increase my score in The Gauntlet.