Activision and developer Toys for Bob did a great job with the first proper Crash Bandicoot sequel in years with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

Seeing as how 2021 is Crash’s 25th anniversary, you would’ve thought that Activision had plans for a game to celebrate the occasion. Rumors and whispers talked of a multiplayer game called ‘Wumpa League‘, but no details have been released.

Now some information is finally starting to leak. A Crash Bandicoot fan on Twitter posted the Wumpa League developmental roadmap on the popular social media network, showing that the game was originally going to hit PlayStation and Xbox consoles right about now.

16 characters. 13 maps. Unlimited fun! Considering 2022 is right around the bend, many think we could see a reveal at The Game Awards 2021. So add Wumpa League to an already jam packed 2022 fun of titles that have been delayed from this year and those that were originally announced for next year.

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