Now that Sony has opened their eyes to cross-platform play with other consoles on the PS4 starting with Epic Games’ Fortnite, Gamers want to know current/future releases that might be updated to include the ability to play with each other no matter what console/PC they might own.

Psyonix confirmed their interest into bringing cross-platform play to Rocket League on the PS4, BUT it would take some time.

Now fans of one of the biggest multiplayer games around, Rainbox Six Siege, have received a response regarding the possibility of  CPP coming to it.

Never say never! Ubisoft isn’t afraid to take risk with their games to help the longevity of the title. For Honor was one of the main titles released on Games With Gold this year. Plus think about Team Xbox v. Team PlayStation as a main event on Twitch? That’s easy money, Brah!

What do you think? Should Ubisoft add cross-platform play to RSS?!