Fans of the Yakuza Like A Dragon series have been begging Sega to bring the Samurai spinoff, Ishin, to the West for years. It originally released on the PS4 in Japan back in 2014.

Don’t believe me? A tweet we did in support of the game releasing outside of Japan has close to 500K impressions since first going live.

During the most recent State of Play, Sega revealed that Like A Dragon: Ishin would be receiving a remake in early 2023 on the PS4 and PS5!

They have since released two trailers showing off the BRAHsomeness to come!

So what made Sega decide to bring it to the West after all these years? Our boy Jin Sakai and all the success that Ghost of Tsushima has had since release!

Speaking with Fanbyte, Masayoshi Yokoyama, Lead at RGG Studio, he explained that the major success of GoT gave the team the confidence to release it here.

We saw how well Ghost of Tsushima did, and how it was about this very Japanese setting made by Americans, so that gave us confidence Ishin could do well.

Major thanks to the team at Sucker Punch for helping make this happen. We can’t wait to play Like A Dragon: Ishin early next year on the PS4 and PS5.

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