There is one thing we can say about After the Fall and that the action does not stop coming. From the hordes to the boulevards to the shocks and to the horror, each update brings something interesting and it looks like this one is bringing some damage along the way for you and others to reclaim what is rightfully yours. So let’s check out what is in the newest update…

Horde Mode – Twin Pine Malls – Watch the ceilings, hold the stairs, and cover the storefronts to survive as long as you can in this abandoned shopping center

  • Largest Horde SIte so far with multiple height levels, giving you plenty of space to roam around
  • Waves can span from multiple locations at once
  • Significantly more difficult at the start, allowing you to get into the action from the get-go

Mutators –

  • An entirely new game mode: ‘Mutated Runs’ has been added.
  • Only one Mutated Run is active at any given time, for the span of 8 hours
  • All players queue up for the same Harvest Run, with the same mutations
  • Mutated Runs can be played on any difficulty level, with increasingly better rewards
  • Chipsets are rewarded from all Floppy Disks you decrypt in Mutated Runs

Chipsets –

  • There are 100+ new attachments to unlock
  • Each weapon you bring can have a different Chipset allowing you to create unique load-outs fit for any situation
  • Exclusively rewarded for completing Mutated Runs, the higher the difficulty, the better the Chipset
  • They’re individually unlocked for each weapon, each gun having roughly 10 Chipsets
  • They’re costly, but you only have to buy a Chipset once to keep them forever

Weapons –

  • Auto-Shotgun – Fully automatic shotgun will tear as quickly through your shells as it does through the Snowbreed
  • Sawblade Device – Shooting bouncing blades that deal insanely high damage

Enemies –

  • Gunner – Has an LMG permanently rooted to his arm
  • Charger – Will rush at you before doing explosive amounts of damage

Unique Skins

  • 4 unique riot skins
  • 4 unique rebel skins
  • 4 unique mobster skins
  • 4 neon harvester suits
  • Toxic harvester suit

And that’s not all –

  • Harvest Rework -The harvest has been reworked to increase the cost of weapons and attachments, but in return, additional ways to gather it
  • Better balancing mechanics
  • Increased locomotion speed
  • Balancing to the auto-shotgun and pump shotgun weapons
  • Items and progression for weapons such as laser sights for all weapons
  • Fixes and Tweaks to make sure your experience is the best possible

Can you handle the challenges? Are you ready to face new enemies? Are you ready to reclaim what is yours? Find out with the After the Fall Reclamation Update out now for PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…