We’re not entirely sure who at Sega decided that releasing Sonic Frontiers a DAY before God of War Ragnarok hits is such a great idea, but the Sonic ‘Force’ will be out in full strength to secure their copy of Sonic’s latest adventure.

If you’re buying a physical copy of Sonic Frontiers, then we might recommend doing so at Best Buy or Gamestop. Why? Free SteelBook Cases if you do so, Brah!

Best Buy’s SBC is, well, not exactly their best work considering some that they’ve offered in the past for pre-ordering games.

You can pre-order through Best Buy here.

Now let’s talk about Gamestop’s SBC, because it is far superior than that of Best Buy’s SBC. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

If you want to pre-order to claim this sweet case, then click here, Brah!

While I would probably wait for reviews to hit before you go all in on Sonic Frontiers, for those of you who absolutely GOTTA GO FAST, then make sure you get an added bonus for buying the game.

If you missed the latest story trailer, take a couple minutes to get but a taste of what’s to come in Sonic Frontiers!

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