Revealed late last year, news of the Knights of the Old Republic Remake stormed the internet, as the long requested title was announced.

Lucasfilm Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Aspyr Media were coming together to give us Star Wars fan a massive upgrade to both the graphics and reportedly to the gameplay mechanics of Knights of the Old Republic in the Remake. There was much to be excited about.

Until news broke that the game has been delayed indefinitely after the higher ups did not like what they saw so far from Aspyr. Then the saga continued, after Embracer Group, who own both Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive, mentioned in their latest earnings report that an unnamed AAA project had switched developers, with all signs pointing to the KOTOR Remake.

Today Bloomberg confirmed, thanks to anonymous sources, that the KOTOR Remake has indeed switched from Aspyr to one of Saber Interactive’s Eastern European groups. The new release date? Most likely 2024 at the earliest.

While it might be awhile before we get our force sensitive hands on the game, why not replay the original KOTOR while you wait?

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