Hulk not always smartest. Sometimes Hulk smash and base puny humans and not know why. Hulk sorry? Hulk do better. He promises.

While we all certainly love the ‘Hulk Smash’ version of our favorite emerald hero, Bruce Banner, Hulk’s alter ego, is a bona-fide genius in the Marvel Universe. In one future the Hulk and Banner became the perfect being: Maestro, who would eventually rule the Earth after conquering everyone in his way. Or something like that. Go read Future Imperfect #1-2 by Peter David and George Perez for the full story, Brah.

While the Maestro character’s origin in Marvel’s Avengers isn’t quite the same as the comic, you can now own the outfit (plus more!) thanks to Prime Gaming! Yes, you’ll have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime and have a Square Enix account to claim the following goodies:

– Hulk’s Maestro outfit.

– Nameplate 15.

– 3-day Hero Catalyst.

– 3-day Fragment Collector.

You can click here to claim all of your Hulk goodies, Brah!

While the future of Marvel’s Avengers might be muddled thanks to the Embracer Group purchasing the western studios of Square Enix, I’m always down for free content, True Believers!


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