Chapter 25 of Dead by Daylight has been revealed. Project W. A second chapter based on Resident Evil. The first one was so successful and popular, they’re gonna do it again. 

Project W will come with three new characters from the Resident Evil universe.

A new Killer: Albert Wesker, the Mastermind, a brilliant and calculating virologist. He was one of the Umbrella scientists who created the T-Virus, the Bioweapon that destroyed Raccoon city, and helped create the Nemesis. Was a member of S.T.A.R.S with Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, before leading them to the spencer mansion, and is at least partially responsible for the events of every resident evil game, and is the main villain of the entire franchise.

Wesker uses his powerful Uroboros abilities to dash at incredible speeds, and depending on the situation, can tackle, throw, damage, or just straight up pick up survivors. Survivors damaged this way are infected with the uroboros virus, and will slow them down until they cure themselves using first aid sprays hidden through out the map.

Survivor: Rebecca Chambers. The young prodigy, a field medic who Joined S.T.A.R.S at 18, working alongside Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Albert Wesker. Was the playable character of Resident Evil 0 and was a major character in Resident Evil 1 and 5. She comes with three unique perks that highlight her medical training and her quick learning skills.

Survivor: Ada Wong. The experienced spy who has been working behind the scenes, (and harassing Leon) for years. Including for Wesker himself, and played a major role in Resident Evil 2 and 4. She will come with three new perks that highlight her adaptability and nature as a double agent

Alongside this, the Resident Evil map Raccoon City Police Station is being reworked. After complaints of the map being too large and maze-like, it has been split in half into two maps. East wing and west wing. Allowing the map to be smaller without losing any individual piece of it.

We do not have a firm release date, nor a schedule for gameplay reveals, but based on previous releases it should be fully released in early September. 

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