Here’s some shitty news for all of Star Wars fans on a Tuesday afternoon: Jason Schreier of Bloomberg is reporting that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake has been delayed indefinitely and the project is currently on hold.

According to Jason’s report the team at Aspyr was optimistic about their vertical slice of the project they were ready to present to Sony and Lucasfilm on June 30th.

All seemed ok until the next week when both Design Director Brad Prince and Art Director Jason Minor were both fired. Apparently it was felt that way too much time and money was spent up to this point on the project and it was not sustainable moving forward. The game is ‘on hold’ as they begin to figure out what’s next for the project.

Another issue that has been reported is that the original timeline for the project was a late 2022 release date. The most recent estimate had it pegged for a 2025 release. Damn. I can’t lie that I was nervous that Aspyr was handling such a fan-favorite classic considering their track record.

If any more news hits the fan, we will be sure to report it ASAP, Brah!

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