Sucker Punch broke the hearts of many of their fans recently when they confirmed that NO ONE is currently working on any projects related to the Sly Cooper or inFamous series at the moment.

They did promise fans of inFamous that the Cole’s Legacy DLC would be made available outside of the ‘Collector’s Edition’ of Second Son that released back in 2014 on the PS4. Better late than never, right?

Great news, as the deed has been done! You can add the Cole’s Legacy content to your library for free, Brah!

If for some reason you haven’t played inFamous Second Son, it’s available as the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners and is also part of the PS Plus Extra/Premium/Deluxe library of games. What I’m trying to say is you have multiple ways to access this game and if you have yet to play it, This Brah recommends you do so!

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