BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray is about to release on July 19th on the PS4, PS5, and as part of PS Plus Extra and Premium subscription releases.

Like most games these days, it’s going to have a couple of updates to download on Day One, but the notes for these updates are the real star here. The Devs at BlueTwelve definitely had some fun with them. So drop them a treat or two by checking out their game when it releases, Brah!

Update 1.01:

  • Localization has been improved in several languages
  • Supplemental vibration has been added throughout the game
  • Some Meows have been totally re-meowed
  • Stability has been improved during a few critical moments
  • Performance has been improved in a few demanding places

Update 1.02:

  • Improved navigation in various places
  • Made some game scripts more robust when reloading checkpoints
  • Improved audio during cinematics
  • Polished audio sounds and general mix in throughout
  • Small graphical tweaks and fixes
  • Improved localisation in several languages
  • A LOT of collision fixes, naughty cat!

If you missed it, here’s the release date trailer from last month. As a fellow cat lover myself, I can’t wait to see what this game is all about.

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