While Amazon Prime might not be the deal it once was, you still get quite the bang for your buck.

Prime Video gives you access to an overwhelming amount of movies and shows such as the James Bond series, The Boys, various animes, and the upcoming Lord of the Rings series. Free Prime shipping will save you a TON of time and money of Amazon is your favorite online retailer.

Prime Gaming gives away free PC games plus content drops for many major games these days, including Marvel’s Avengers, which you can claim right now by linking your Amazon Prime account with your Prime Gaming account, plus linking your Square Enix. Hope you remember your passwords, Brah!

The first of 9 drops focuses on Thor, granting you the following content, which you can claim here:

Thor Asgardian outfit

Nameplate 019

3-day Hero’s catalyst

3-day fragment extractor

The other 8 will continue to unlock going forward and we will be sure to let you know, Brah!

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