Phantasy Star Online 2 has been a thing since it first launched in Japan back in 2012, it soon hit the PS Vita in 2013, quickly becoming one of the most requested games to brought to North America by fans of the series and handheld.

It received a PS4 version, in Japan, in 2016, yet still no NA release. That is until Microsoft announced that it would hit the Xbox One in 2020. Now after two years of console exclusivity in the US, PSO2 and the recently released sequel, New Genesis, will be making their way to the PS4 on August 31st!

Sega has also confirmed that the game will feature cross-platform play with the Xbox and PC versions of the game!

Here’s the E3 2019 announcement trailer for PSO2:

Plus the trailer for PSO2: New Genesis!

We hope Sega’s servers will be ready when their F2P MMORPG comes to the PS4 in the West in August, Brah!

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