You have entered the world from the future and the past. You even entered the encore of it all. Yet, you still desired more. You wanted something that would you challenged you on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. But the question is not are you up to it, but can you handle what you are going to be challenged with? For this will not be for the ease of it, this will be your chance to show everyone who the best in the world really is. Welcome to the Pistol Whip Contracts Update. In this update, Contracts must be completed with all scenes played back-to-back using the allocated Style. While players are allowed multiple attempts to complete a Contract, each assignment has a time limit and must be completed before the Contract expiration date and time. Once a Contract expires, players will no longer be able to attempt that Contract again.

Features include:

A New Experience

Explore a whole new way to take down your enemies and reap the rewards. Both new and seasoned heroes will be able to immerse themselves in this new feature, built to keep even the most experienced assassins on their toes.

They will feature a time-sensitive daily, weekly, and monthly assignment where players can compete to rise to the top of each contract’s leaderboard:

  • Daily Bounty: The life of an agent requires dedication, discretion, and grit.
    • The daily bounty features a single challenge scene that refreshes every day.
  • Weekly Raid: Sometimes they just won’t stay down.
    • This contract demands a flawless, multi-part operation. Failure is not an option – the weekly raid is a multi-scene operation that refreshes once a week.
  • Monthly Ultimatum: For those who have no fear, there is nothing more deadly than attempting this mission.
    • The monthly ultimatum is a gauntlet of up to five scenes that refreshes at the beginning of every month. Perfect for the seasoned veteran.


Contracts also introduces a fresh take on leaderboards with separate boards for each type of contract, adding a whole new edge to the competition. Upon completion of all scenes required for a given contract, players will receive an emblem marked with their ranking, prominently displayed for others to see.

New Modifiers and Weapons

High Velocity: This modifier needs no introduction. Enemy bullets will approach at double the speed. Best of luck to you.

Low Velocity: Slow-mo fans will enjoy this new modifier where enemy bullets advance at half-speed. But don’t be fooled – it’s harder than it looks.

*Whip Tip: Combine Bullet Hell and low or high velocity for a completely hellish experience.

Reinforced: Your armour is all that stands between you and the hail of hot lead. This modifier improves your chances of survival by doubling its strength.

The Contracts update also ushers in four new Brawler weapons in the existing Styles system, including the Tonfa, Sai, Kama and Chakram. Find them in the weapons case under “Brawler”.

Are you ready for the modifiers? Can you handle the weapons? Can you complete the contracts? Find out with the Pistol Whip Contracts Update now for PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…