Sony has never been afraid to produce copious amounts of hardware for their PlayStation consoles in the past. Now they’re getting ready to offer even more gamers accessories to spend their money on.

Tom Henderson is back to provide us with not one, but TWO rumors that I’ve combined together regarding the future releases of upcoming Sony products.

The first rumor has to do with Sony finally offering their own official ‘Pro’ controller similar to what Microsoft has with the Xbox Elite controller which continues to sell like crazy even though I know several people that have had major issues with both series 1 and 2 of the Elite controller.

Tom does drop some details as to what to expect from this PlayStation Pro controller:

These claims of such hardware came alongside pictures of the alleged prototype, which has been sent under the condition that the pictures are not published and the source remains anonymous.

Pictures of the controller keep the classic PlayStation 5 style but show a few key differences. One of the biggest changes is buttons under the analog sticks, which allow you to completely remove the analog sticks and their components; which Sony refers to as “removable stick units”. This presumably means you’ll just be able to be a stick unit, rather than a new controller if it develops “stick drift” (where your analog stick drifts one direction without moving).

Another feature includes the trigger stops at the back of the controller, in addition to flappy paddles/buttons that have become increasingly popular over the years with players turning to companies such as SCUF Gaming and NACON for such controllers.

The next rumor is gaining more traction due to the fact that the header image is a leaked image from Sony’s ‘INZONE’ line of gaming accessories that they plan on unveiling on June 28th in a online presentation which you can now visit. The tag line for the show is ‘Find Your New Zone’,

These are the new “INZONE” H-series headsets, with three sets to be revealed next week. The INZONE H3, INZONE H7, and INZONE H9 all come with 360 spatial sound for gaming and are all Discord certified.


  • Wired headset
  • Cheapest headset
  • 360 Spatial Sound


  • Wireless headset
  • 360 Spatial Sound
  • Best battery life


  • Wireless headset
  • 360 Spatial Sound
  • Most expensive headset
  • Noise-canceling sound

They also plan on revealing two gaming monitors: one at 4K/144hz and another at Full HD/240hz. Both will support all the latest and greatest gaming features such as VRR support, HDR tone mapping, and much more. They will also be part of the ‘INZONE’ brand of Sony gaming accessories.

Are you interested in this upcoming gaming accessories from Sony? Let us know in the comments below.

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