Omori is an incredible game, it is one of the most charming, heartwarming, terrifying, and saddest games I have ever played. It’s a game that captures my imagination, and is an experience best enjoyed by going in knowing nothing. 

It does cover some dark themes, including suicide, death, grief, guilt, neglect, depression, blood, violence, so be warned.

Omori is an indie rpg made by OMOCAT, in the style of Earthbound and Undertale, with a mixture of sprite work and a charming crayon and paper aesthetic 

Omori is a game best experienced unsoiled, so I will only explain a very basic rundown of plot and characters. 

Omori is a young boy who lives in a place called white space. A massive white void with nothing but a blanket, a laptop, some tissues, a sketchbook, a cat and a hanging black light bulb. He’s lived here as long as he can remember. 

The only other thing in White Space is a plain white door, leading to a room with his friends:

Aubrey. A fiery young girl with some anger issues.   Has the highest damage in the party.

Kel, an excitable and energetic young boy, who annoys Aubrey, Has the highest speed, most of the times goes first, making him good for item usage and emotions.

Hero: the oldest of the group, and the de facto leader for breaking up conflict. He Has high juice and can heal other party members.

The four of them together make the playable party.  Together they leave the room into a massive colorful forest. A short trip leads to a playground, full of colorful and unique, and the other two members of the friend group. Mari and Basil.

Mari: Omori’s older sister, she sits on a picnic blanket, with a picnic basket and a plate of food. The picnic basket serves as your save point, anytime.

The plate of food (which changes every time you see it) fully restores your party’s health and juice.

The last is Basil, a shy friendly young boy, who goes missing at the end of the opening section, and kickstarts the plot, the gang goes looking for him.

The combat encounters . The enemy(s) are in the center of the screen, with each of your party members’ hud and icon at each corner.  Playing like a traditional RPG.

The main unique mechanic is emotions:

Happy, Angry and Sad.

Happy increases speed and crit chance, but lowers hit chance.

Angry increases damage dealt, but also increases damage received.

Sad reduces all stats, and makes damage take away your juice (energy/sp) but significantly increases your survivability.

Emotions also work as aweapon triangle:

Happy is strong against Angry.

Angry is strong against Sad.

Sad is strong against Happy.

Neutral has no benefits or strengths, but also no downsides or weaknesses.

There is one additional emotion:


When someone is afraid, they can’t use any ability, and can barely do anything, and it lasts until another emotion affect overrides it.

Everytime any party member takes damage, it grants you 1 point of energy. Energy can be used in two ways.

Once it’s maxed out at ten, it can’t be used during Omori’s turn to unleash a team super attack for massive damage.

Each party member has three unique actions they can take after their action, each corresponding with another party member.

Hero can heal other party members, kel can change the emotions of himself and other party members, and Aubrey can do unique team attacks.

The last note I want to discuss is the hangman minigame. After the prolougue, you are given access to a section in your menu of a hangman game, and to progress you must physically find computer keys in game, there are 26 in total, but yoi only need to find the letters necessary to solve the puzzle, not all 26, which creates an interesting collectible hunting mindset of simultaneously trying to find them and solve the puzzle.

I would not recommend knowing anything beyond this before trying.

Omori quickly became one of my absolute favorite games of all time, with incredible music, characters, and one of the greatest video game stories, and an ending that still makes me mist up when playing. 

I would (and have) recommend this game to anyone who enjoys story driven games, JRPGs, or Undertale. If anything in this article was even remotely intriguing, you should absolutely pick this game up.

Omori launched on PC, and released on PS4, XBOX Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch today.

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