Since its full reveal at last week’s State of Play, the online gaming community has been hot and heavy over Street Fighter 6.

While it’s unfortunate that the main roster was leaked, Capcom acknowledged the issue and moved on, revealing various details related to the game since.

Today during the Summer Game Fest Play Days going on in Cali, Capcom is letting Media and Influencers play an early build of Street Fighter 6, so of course people are asking the important questions. Maximilian Dood, fighting game extraordinaire, was told by the CapGods that SF6 will feature cross-play!

While the full details are scare, SFV had PS4/PC cross-play, so I don’t see why Sony wouldn’t want to play ball these days as more and more multiplayer games are launching with CP on the PS4 and PS5 on Day One?

Tamoor Hussain, Managing Editor at GameSpot, confirmed Street Fighter 6 will have the always highly requested rollback netcode that helps insure online play is smooth as can be.

If you somehow missed the Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer, then get ready, Brah!

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