Now that Hideo Kojima has reportedly moved on from Death Stranding (despite what Norman Reedus said the other day!), all of his fans are wondering what kind of experience he’s going to throw at us next.

Tom Henderson, who has become a pretty damn reliable leaker, dropped some nuggets of information this morning related to Kojima-San’s next project: Overdose!!

According to THE Hendersider, the game will be playable in either first or third person and it stars ‘Mama’ actress Margaret Qualley as the main character. As many expected, this is the full-blown horror game that Mr. Kojima has always wanted to create.

Many rumors have floating around that this game could very well be published by Microsoft, making it an Xbox exclusive. Which is A-OK in my book, as I’ll gladly play a Hideo Kojima game on any system it’s released on.

With Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest opening event going down on Thursday, we could either see Overdose at it or at the Bethesda/Microsoft conference next week.

We will keep you update on any more potential Overdose news, Brah!


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