I’ll be the first to admit that the Street Fighter 6 teaser that recently hit had me worried about the game.

Brah. After that reveal trailer today during the State of Play, I’ll be calling Chun-Li and Ryu ‘mommy and daddy’ until the game releases in 2023 because OH MY GOD DID IT LOOK BRAHTASTIC!

For real. That animation. Those colors. That single-player story mode. Sign. Me. Up. Now. Capcom is going BIG with Street Fighter 6 and I’m here for it!

I hope you’ll stop what you’re doing and watching this reveal trailer, Street Fighter fans. Get ready to be v-impressed!

Done watching it? Now behold the leaked Street Fighter 6 lineup! Plenty of classic characters from over the years plus newbies, Brah!

UPDATE: Capcom has now confirmed these leaks as 100% legit.

Tell us in the comments who YOU hope to see in the game!

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