IGN promised us all a first look at Sonic Frontiers gameplay and they most certainly delivered with 7 minutes of footage to enjoy.

Yesterday’s short teaser definitely had our attention. If it had yours, then watch the footage below, then read our comments afterwards.

I’m going to say this. If you’re wanting to play tbe absolute best version of this game, I hope you’ll be able to play it on a current-gen console and not last-gen. It looked a bit rough at times, with a choppy frame rate along with foliage popping up here and there. Yes, they still have months to go but I’m pointing out any issues that caught my eye.

Sega has big plans for the game so I’m sure they will take online feedback and apply it where needed. I’m still excited for Sonic Frontiers as it’s on my list of games to check out this Fall when it releases.

What did you think, Brah? Could this be the next big Sonic game or another Sonic 06 situation?

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