Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic creating a shortage of components needed for pretty much all major electronics, finding a PS5 the past 18+ months has been quite the battle.

Now more and more stores are beginning to restock after Sony claimed they’re doing their best to get them into the hands of consumers. Gamestop had a massive in-store restock this past weekend. Walmart.com will have an online restock on June 2nd but there’s one caveat: you must be a Walmart+ member to gain access to the purchase.

It currently cost $12.95 a month or $98 for a full year. The only SKU they will be offering is the $499 PS5 console which you can click here to save in your browser. The consoles will give beginning on 12pm PT/3pm ET.

Is a nickel shy of $13 worthy of the entry fee to have a chance at buying a PS5? Let us know in the comments below and best of luck to everyone on the PS5 hunt!

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