The next step in the evolution of PS Plus began this week in Asia, as select countries were able to upgrade their accounts to Extra and Deluxe, delivering additional content for an increased monthly fee over the standard essential tier.

One of the most exciting benefits of this merger between PS Plus and PS Now is the addition of PS1 classics. Some Sony studios have even gone as far to add PS4/PS5 trophies to some of these classics! While the current lineup is still growing, it looks as if a major fan-favorite from Capcom will soon be taking a CHOMP out of PS Premium!

That’s right! Dino Crisis will be joining the stable of PS1 classics, as main protagonist Regina is advertised on PlayStation Hong Kong’s site, as confirmed by many on Twitter including Dino Crisis fanatic Jawmuncher!

Sony confirmed the other day that added trophy support is ‘optional’, so it’ll be interesting to see if Capcom goes the extra mile or not. Capcom has a great lineup of PS1 classics they can bring to the service so let’s hope they will bring them all in the future.

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