Sony made waves earlier this year when they announced that they had plans to release 12 live service games by the end of 2025.

During Sony’s Investor’s Relations presentation today it appears Sony is ready to jump on that ‘live service train’ much sooner than expected.

Jim Ryan, CEO and President of PlayStation confirmed that the company will have three live service games (MLB the Show 22 counts as one of three but GT7 doesn’t? Wha?) by the end of their fiscal year, two of which have yet to be announced, according to ol’ Jimbo:

Destiny is not included in the three games slated for FY22. The two others are yet to be announced.

One of those two has be Naughty Dog’s Factions multiplayer game they’re working on, I’m willing to bet. The other? I guess we will have to wait and see what Sony has planned up their sleeve over the next several months.

What would you like to see from Sony?

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