2019’s Death Stranding was, for better or worse, Hideo Kojima unleashed. You either ‘got it” and loved it. Or the first few initial hours bored you so bad you demanded a refund. No middle ground.

For everyone who thought it was the bee’s knees, then we have some (potentially!) BRAHtastic news, as Norman Reedus, who played protagonist Sam Porter in Death Stranding, has outed that him and Kojima have started working on a sequel!

When asked how Death Stranding came about during an interview with LeoEdit, Norman dropped the bombshell!

It took me maybe two or three years to finish all the MoCap sessions and everything. It takes a lot of work. And then the game came out, and it just won all these awards, and it was a huge thing, so we just started part two of that.

There it is! I’m sure someone from Kojima Productions has already called Norman’s agent about this major OOPSIE. What do you think, Brah? Are you ready to return to the world of Death Stranding??

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