When the game Oxide Room 104 was announced and that there would be a physical edition, it had some horrifying images. Images of you in a bathtub waking up and trying to figure out why you were there, dealing with a ruthless scientist, and horrible creature. But, if you die, you will wake up in the bathtub again and again. It’s a story that will change based on the choices you make and certain actions you take. But now, it looks like we finally have a release date and it’s going to be soon.

Features include:

  • A hideous creature stalking you at every turn and waiting for your mistakes
  • A single-player game whose mechanics are based on real-time actions and decision-making
  • Making the right decisions is crucial to survival
  • There are many combinations of actions that will affect the chances of escaping or dying
  • Every time you, the main character die, you wake up again in the bathtub, but things in the motel have changed; some options/items are not available, there are new ones, and others are simply not the same

Will the choices you make be the right ones? Are you ready for the horror? Are you ready for what’s inside the room? Find out when Oxide Room 104 comes to PlayStation 4 & 5 both digitally and physically at a retailer near you and at the Perp Games Store on June 17, 2022.

Until then…please enjoy…