Horror gaming fanatic and game developer Dusk Golem on Twitter has a great track record of correctly leaking information related to Resident Evil series over the past few years.

Now that knowledge of early information has crossed over to Konami’s Silent Hill series. After the fallout from P.T./Silent Hills, the future of the franchise has been as foggy as the game. Until now!

While we had planned to cover this last night, we hesitated but seeing as how Konami dropped a DMCA on his ass, the below screenshots are definitely legit of a new upcoming Silent Hill project!

There you have it! It looks incredibly detailed, which makes me wonder if this is the Bloober Team project or the rumored PlayStation project? Hell, it could be something totally out of left field.

Hoping that Konami gets this one right, because we all need a new Silent Hill in our gaming life!

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