Gotham Knights first made a splash at DC Fandome 2020, taking the Batman Arkham formula, making it even more open-world, removing Batman, and then adding his favorite sidekicks with the ability to play co-op with another bat-buddy.

Unfortunately it has been hit with a couple of bat-delays, like many games have the past two years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rumors hit last week that the game could be skipping last-gen consoles, though we doubt WB Games would make that kind of decision after the recent merger and the need to make more profits ASAP.

Today’s rumor has to do with the game possibly going from 2 player co-op to 4 player co-op! An eagle-eyed reddit user noticed that the PlayStation Store listing for the game has been updated, with one major addition.

Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus.

Has all this extra time in the batcave given the team the chance to build the ultimate Gotham adventure or did the PlayStation Store leak an upcoming surprise?

With Summer coming fast and the season of gaming events roaring like a freight train, hoping to grab our attention and money for this Fall, we should get a sizeable Gotham Knights update sooner rather than late if it’s going to hit that October 25th release date later this year.

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