Welcome to not one, but TWO new episodes of The PlayStation BRAHcast, the official podcast of ThePlayStationBrahs.com!

Episode 20 is a bit of a mixed bag, as The Brah and James P. talk about gaming, dogs, gaming with dogs (how!?) plus so much more when our two host come together, you never truly know what might get discussed.

Episode 21 changes things up as @jpietrz3 gives his thoughts on Young Guns by @1p2pStudio! Plus he talks about how much he enjoyed Chorus by @DSFishlabs! Say what about Outriders by @PCFPeopleCanFly? Hear why it’s his fav. co-op shooter in years!

The Brahs also talk the upcoming slate of PS Plus games, College football/the return of EA Sports College Football, Power Rangers, and as always, so much more!

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