Brah. Covering rumors is a risky business. More often than not they turn out to be false, however a thin slice or two of information could be true.

So take this following 4chan rumor (yes, 4chan) about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 having 3 playable characters INCLUDING Venom, with a giant Sandman-sized collection of salt.

This rando claims that he came across the information on the dark web. Oh, lord. Why am I covering this??

Press X to doubt this information below;

Hello, I saw an email a few weeks ago to do with Spider-Man 2 on the dark web. I won’t show it myself out of respect because it contains the names and personal info of some Insomniac employees, and my device’s black bar is made out a certain way to where you can still see censored text if you know how, but it contained some details about the gameplay loop.

I think a few months ago someone came her saying that you will be able to play every mission as either Peter or Miles. This isn’t true, you will only be able to play all side missions as either, but you do switch between them often.

Best way I can describe it is like Radiant Dawn or Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, in the latter’s case, every mission you play is done by a predetermined character (Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, piccolo, etc), and in between missions you can free roam and do side quests specific to that character. In SM2 main story missions are done by a predetermined character, but in between you can free roam the whole map and do sidequests.

For example, Peter does a certain main mission and is knocked tf out, so the next mission is Miles checking on peter, and then doing something for him. In between Peter’s mission, Miles’ first and Miles’ second mission, Miles can free roam and do sidequests or crimes. But after the second mission you resume control of Peter. Also, remember those moments where the game encouraged you to do sidequests while waiting for something to happen for the main quest, this game has more of that to encourage roaming as both characters.

Peter Mission -> (Miles Free Roam) ->Miles Mission -> (Miles Free Roam) -> Miles Mission -> (Peter Free Roam)

Sidequests will also have different dialogue and stuff depending on who you do it as, or what order you do it as. No elaboration on that.

There is a third character who mixes into all of this but cannot free roam, with a different playstyle that straight up kills people and uses smoke, projectiles, and a type of organic or artificial tentacles, based on some instructions animators recieved for hit react animations. Another earlier leak claimed this is Wraith (Yuri) and while I believe that, it’s much more reasonable to assume this is black suit Peter.

I mean, honestly? It makes sense to an extent. Seeing as how both Peter and Miles were in the trailer, it isn’t too crazy that you could play as either Hero on the side. I would definitely be down to play as Wraith if that part is true as well.

Who knows? We still have quite some time before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hits the PS5 in late 2023 and we can’t wait to learn more about his awesome adventure from Insomniac Games.

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