Jason Schreier’s massive report from 2021 first broke the news about the upcoming The Last of Us Remake, which at this point has become the worst kept secret of PlayStation’s future offerings.

Now more fuel has been added to this fire, as a QA tester for Naughty Dog has listed on his LinkedIn profile that he’s been working on an ‘Unreleased Remake Project’ for Sony’s biggest development studio.

What we don’t know is how gamers will be able to obtain this rumored Remake. We’ve heard of a potential The Last of Us Part II Remaster for the PS5 which will include the Factions and The Last of Us Remake in one super package. Or Sony could be waiting to release TLouRemake before the HBO series begins, to capitalize on the popularity of it plus the possible new influx of fans waiting to explore the apocalyptic universe.

All we know is that Naughty Dog has been going on a hiring craze the past year and a half to help with all the projects their working on. We will keep you updated as best as we can, Brah!

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