After arriving ‘exclusively’ on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month, The House of the Dead: Remake gives the Sega arcade-classic a totally new coat of paint as you battle the army of G’s undead nightmare.

Good news! It’s coming to the PS4 and PS5 as well on April 28th! The best part? The game will receive PS Move support post-release to help give it that feeling like you’re at your favorite arcade playing with those snazzy light guns.

Features include:

Well known arcade classic with modern graphics and controls, including gyro aiming
• True to the original gameplay
• Local 2-player multiplayer
• Multiple endings
• Photomode
• Achievements
• Armory with unlockable weapons
• Hordes of the undead monstrosities in a new game mode
• Gallery with encountered enemies and bosses

Are excited for The House of the Dead: Remake?

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