When the creators of Suikoden, one of the most underrated JRPG series of all-time decides to make a spiritual successor of his own, this Brah took notice!

While Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes won’t bless until 2023, Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama and his team at Rabbit & Bear Studios are working on Eiyude Chronicle: Rising, a 2.5 action RPG prologue that will ‘influence’ your adventure next year.

Here’s some official Eiyuden Chronicle lore to get you ready for when the game launches:

After a massive earthquake revealed Runebarrows deep below a town on the remote frontier of the Allraan known as New Nevaeh, fortune-seeking adventurers and merchants from across the world arrive. Among those hoping to find treasure, three star-crossed heroes come together. CJ, the Venerable Scavenger, and Garoo, the Beastman Mercenary, hope to mine the Rune Lens, a source of magic hidden underground. Isha, the Young Deputy Mayor, wants to rebuild her town. 

Delve into the ruins and master Rising’s satisfying combat. Dash in quick and strike with CJ’s climbing axes, sling sorcery from afar as Isha, and punish foes with Garoo’s gigantic sword. Topple imaginative bosses by swapping between each character and unleashing devastating Link Attacks combining each hero’s specialty, all while platforming through gorgeous 2.5D environments.

Scavenge dungeons and earn materials to reconstruct New Neveah to its former glory and reap benefits applying to Hundred Heroes when it releases in 2023. Cross content includes special cosmetic items, valuable equipment, and trade goods. Make a personal mark on the world of Eiyuden Chronicle by naming certain weapons and delicacies in Rising that will carry over to Hundred Heroes next year.

IGN recently shared 28 minutes of gameplay, which is a good indicator if the game is up your alley or not. See you on May 10th, young heroes!

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