Back in January, we heard about the game Madison which asks a very important question. What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood and your sister and mother massacred? But it’s the camera that will allow a connection with the human world and beyond as you are hunted down, being forced to continue a gory ritual that was started decades ago.

Features include:

  • A disturbing story that blends seamlessly into the main narrative
  • Use the instant camera to survive this torture or dive deeper into it
  • Develop the photos you take manually and face the fear of unveiling the truth
  • Randomly activated events and changing puzzles throughout the game assures a higher level of replayability
  • Get lost in this immersive and terrifying experience thanks to high-quality visuals and 3D sounds
  • Psychological and Survival Horror

But it looks like that is not all. This release will be supported by the ‘Possesed Camera’ DLC that includes a number of different skins for the retro cama and the following digital downloadable content:

  • All 5 Ritual Cards
  • Priest Tapes
  • Blue Knees Song
  • Official Wallpapers

So are you ready for the randomly activated events and challenging puzzles? What will happen when you get lost in your surroundings? Are you ready to meet Madison? Find out when Madison releases digitally on the PlayStation Store and The Possessed Edition at a retailer near you and on the Perp Games Store on…

Until then…please enjoy…