I’ve mentioned in my Hogwarts Legacy coverage that I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan around. Sure, we watch the films every year, or try to, at least.

But I never read the books and if I remember correctly, only saw the final film in theaters. Would love to find the time to read all the books though.

After watching today’s Hogwarts Legacy State of Play though, Brah. I’m all in for this game! Getting to explore Hogwarts will solving mysteries, unlocking new locations, learning new spells, and making friends/enemies looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast on your journey to become a Wizard or Witch.

Avalanche Software’s goals seem mighty ambitious for Hogwarts Legacy, as they aim to make a game that all Harry Potter can be proud of, no matter how big or small their Potterhead might be.

They also dropped a BTS video as members of all the teams envolved talk about all the hardwork they’ve put into the game for the fans.

Also, for those wondering if the game will have microtransactions, Community Manager Chandler Wood confirmed the game will NOT have them!

Hogwarts Legacy has been given a ‘Holiday 2022’ release date on the PS4 & PS5.

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