Sony’s acceptance of cross-play over the past years has been a wild ride. While they’ve never had an issue with PlayStation and PC cross-play, they were rather..reluctant to play ball with their competiton when it came to console cross-play.

Things have changed, majorly, since then and for the most part, they’ve now embraced cross-play. Just look at what they’re doing with MLB the Show 22!

One of the bigger releases next month is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a spin-off to the mega-popular Borderlands series from Gearbox which has always had an even more popular co-op mode for players to enjoy the insanity, together.

Thankfully this time, right out of the gate, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will feature cross-play on Day One of release!

Randy also commented on the status of Borderlands 3 cross-play on PlayStation consoles, which of almost a year later, still isn’t available. The Magician did have some good(?) news, saying that it was ‘inevitable’.

Will Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands having cross-play out the gate entice you to grab the game on Day One?

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