Rumors have swirld since the ending of the 4th Sly Cooper game that our favorite Thievous Racconus will be returning to the world of PlayStation.

With solid rumors hitting last year thanks to our pal Nick over at *ahem*, a new Sly Cooper game will be hitting the PS5 in the future. One of the biggest questions is who could the developers. With Sucker Punch all-in on Ghost of Tsushima, I’m sure Sony is having them fast tract the sequel. Sanzaru Games, who made Sly Cooper 4, are now owned by Facebook. Uh, Meta. Or whoever.

Well, the answer might have been within PlayStation Studios after all. Nick was giving the ‘greenlight’ today to go a step further.

Consider the fact that Sony Pictures Animation is working with PO on this project and BOOM. It makes sense. As the PlayStation Productions continues to assemble more shows/movies, Sly Cooper is ready to return to booth consoles and as an animated series.

What do you think, Brah? Are the creators of Concrete Genie worthy of bringing back Sly?

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