PlayStation has dominated the gaming industry since first launching in ’94. Their next goal? Hollywood, Brah!

Peacock landed the Twisted Metal series. Uncharted has discovered what it means to be Sony’s next big movie franchise as it crosses $300 million in box office revenue worldwide. HBO is ready to make The Last of Us into their next major show with Pedro Pascal leading the wave. Ghost of Tsushima is being turned into a major motion picture.

What’s next for PlayStation Productions? According to Deadline, Amazon Prime Video is hot for a live action God of War series based on the insanely popular series that started on the PS2. With the 8th entry in the series scheduled for release later this year, God of War Ragnarok, plenty of material for multiple seasons, Brah.

Deadline is saying the team behind Expanse and The Wheel of Time will be the creative forces behind this live-action adaption as they’ll be joining forces with PlayStation Productions to give fans of the series the BRAHsome series they deserve.

My question is this: Who do YOU want to see cast as Kratos!? Someone big or an up and coming star who could blossom as the next big thing thanks to this role? Let us know, Brah!

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