After the successful release, After the Fall has been in a constant state of listening to its fans and trying to make the best experience possible. Now, it looks to not only invite all players into its Frontrunner season for this February but a special physical edition as well. So what’s is the Frontrunner Season all about. Check out the details…

  • The Frontrunner Season content is available to all players as part of the Launch and Deluxe editions of After the Fall

The Frontrunner Physical Edition for PlayStation VR includes the following:

  • Full access to the Frontrunner Season
  • PSVR exclusive “Ultimate Buster” Skin
  • After the Fall PS4 Theme & Avatars
  • After the Fall Official Digital Soundtrack 
  • After the Fall Digital Artbook
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So will you be ready? Will you find your name in lights? What team will you assemble? Find out with After the Fall out now on PlayStation VR and the After the Fall Frontrunner Physical Edition releases for PlayStation VR on March 25, 2022.