Brah. Hope you didn’t trade that copy of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut you had resting by your PS5. Why? because developer Sucker Punch Productions joined forces with Guerrilla Games to drop some Horizon Forbidden West content in GoT!

That is right my friends, Update 2.15/2.015.000 introduces a quick mission on Iki Island that’ll provide you with HFW inspired gear for our hero Jin!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, FOLKS! There is even more to this new patch!

Update 2.15/2.015.000:

  • Single-player

The Forbidden Shrine can now be found to the north of Iki Island. Interact with it and solve the puzzle for a special armor created in collaboration with our friends at Guerrilla.

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Added new Platinum difficulty level for Survival. This is still standard gameplay and will not feature weekly modifiers like Nightmare, but is harder than the gameplay offered in Gold difficulty, with better rewards and a higher chance for high-level gear.

Added Block button to Social tab in pause menu. This will allow players to add anyone they have matched with in-game directly to the PlayStation’s built-in blocklist to prevent matchmaking with that player in the future.

Addressed an issue that was causing brief stutters during gameplay.

We expect to release an additional patch next month which will focus on Legends bug fixes and improvements.

Could this HFW crossover led to some of Jin’s armor appearing as an unlockable in Aloy’s adventure?! Guess we will know soon enough!

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