Announced earlier last year, the partnership between the up and coming studio, Deviation Games and PlayStation promises to bring ‘a groundbreaking AAA IP’ for Gamers to experience from the minds of Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell.

The two co-creators of the studio, who helped mold the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, are the main reasons why people are excited for the potential of this game. Now some additional information has reportedly hit the webs.

If what they currently have planned comes to fruition, this project could be something special.

With Sony’s goal of having 10 live service games by March 2026, it sounds like Deviation Games project is one of them. They recently opened a Canadian studio to increase their workload but a recent job listing mentioned ‘experience with RPGs’, so it’s going to be interesting with they finally reveal this project.

With the game rumored to be released in 2024, don’t forget that PlayStation and Deviation Games were already working together the past year or so before the partnership was officially announced. Plus I’m sure Bungie wouldn’t mind giving them a tip or two about what they know.

What do you think, Brah? Are you hyped for Deviation Games unannounced title?

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