When news broke this week that Sony Interactive Entertainment will be acquiring Bungie for $3.6 billion, the Destiny series will become Sony’s major ‘Games as a Service’ title, as they provide Bungie with the funds and workforce to make the series bigger than ever.

Their mighty ambition doesn’t stop there. Sony, like most of these major publishers these days, want more of the GaaS pie. A constant flow of revenue never heart anyone especially in the age of game development where some titles selling millions of copies yet to fail to break even.

Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki spoke today during the earnings call that they have plans to release 10 GaaS titles by March 2026. No exact details were giving but as you can tell Sony is ready to get all the profits that they can the next 4 years.

Seriously though. 10 Gaas titles? Does Sony have the manpower to produce and constantly update that many titles? Fortnite kids will bitch when the marketplace fails to offer anything new or refreshing on the daily. We all hope that Bungie will provide them plenty of notes on what to do and not to do with these ambitious plans.

Also, just because it’s a PlayStation Studios title doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful. For every Fortnite or Apex Legends there’s Hyped Scape, Battleborn, and Paragon.

As long as we get the awesome first-party single-player games that Sony always seems to deliver, I’ll allow it. However, they need to be ready for that shock that many, if not over half of these titles could fail.

We will be talking about as we record the latest episode of The PlayStation BRAHcast tonight, so I’ll make sure to update this article with it when it goes live!

What do you think about Sony’s longterm plans?

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