Brah. We’re almost there. We’re less than 20 days until Horizon Forbidden West arrives on the PS4 and PS5, continuing Aloy’s epic adventure on February 18th.

While there will be plenty of online tutorial videos, I come from the age when strategy guides helped give you the ultimate edge to help you get 100% of the newest game you just bought. Horizon Forbidden West is getting a mammoth-size guide from Future Press, yet there’s one problem. It won’t ship until after the game releases on March 31st.

It’ll feature 200 pages focusing on the 40+(!) machines that Aloy will encounter in her journey West, which is many more than the 27 she battled in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can pre-order this colossal guide over at Amazon now, but it’ll set you back $49.99 for this hardcover beauty.

If you missed the latest trailer for HFW and don’t mind a spoiler or two, then enjoy the latest story trailer, Brah!

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