While Quantic Dream’s reputation is tarnished these days due to toxic workplace allegations, that certainly didn’t stop Lucasfilm Games from giving them a major game set in the High Republic era of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Eclipse was revealed last year but is still many years from release. Rumors already emerged that the teams at QD are having issues with their engine being able to handle such a massive game.

Twitter user ‘accngt’ leaked Star Wars Eclipse a week before the official reveal as they seem to have some kind of insider source providing them information related to the game. They’re back today providing all kinds of rumored information about SWE:

Taking inspiration from The Last of Us? Brah, SIGN ME UP! I can’t wait to push my buddy over walls or move futuristic dumpsters/ladders to get to the next area of the game. I kid, I KID! Please don’t feed me to the rancor.

It might be awhile before we see the game again if development truly began in 2021, so watch the reveal trailer a few more times to get hyped for Star Wars Eclipse.

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