I would have done anything to make sure she was safe, to make sure she was never put into this predicament. But somehow, time plays a part in this place…this mansion. I looked everywhere for her or so I thought. But that was before it opened up, the next floor of this place. Every corner I turn, there is seems to be this madness to the darkness full of cries and despair. But with each of the clues that I find leads to another which at least gives some sign of hope. There is something about this mansion and the souls that seem to be trapped. I must find her…I must find my daughter even if I must become a soul of this place.

Features include:

  • Realistic scenes, esxquisitely curved decorations, and lingering character dialogues to help bring the mansion alive
  • Rich gameplay mechanism
  • Challenging boss battles
  • A heavy sense of immersion
  • Gold Edition includes the main game, digital artwork (that includes the VR and flat version of the games original model of the old mansion), and OST with 18 soundtracks from the original title

What bosses will you battle? What will you come across? Will you find out the truth? Find out with Paper Dolls II out now for both PlayStation 4 Standard and Gold Edition and PlayStation 5 Standard and Gold Edition in the PlayStation Store.

Until then…please enjoy…