While the launch of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was anything but ‘definitive’, Take-Two still claims that it was successful for the company.

One thing the company did do right was releasing two of the biggest games of the package, GTA III and San Andreas, on PS Now and Gamepass.

But what about Vice City? The middle game that’s often overlooked by many, despite being a fantastic game full of crazy characters. Well, it looks as if it will be joining PS Now!

PS Plus games for February 2022, which have yet to be revealed, will hit tomorrow by lunchtime. PS Now titles should follow a few days afterwards.

With rumors of the ‘Spartacus’ revamping coming, which is said to be dropping the PS Now name, we do wonder how many more articles we will be writing about the service.

Are you excited about GTA Vice City coming to PS Now?

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