When one is lost, are they truly alone or do they need to look deep inside to be found? I used to think that when I landed on this planet, I was the alien. That I would not matter. But, that only lasted a few moments until these alien invaders looking to take over this planet. Now, it’s going to be up to me to try and stop them and try and save this planet. This may not end well, but there is no surrendering in this fight. They do not even know that I have the ultimate weapon in this battle, and that ultimate weapon…is me.

Features include:

  • Choose your playstayle
  • Evolve your Battle Frame with new powers
  • Finishing moves
  • Local co-op

How well will you do in battle? Are you prepared for the fight? Can you save the planet? Find out with Blackwind, out now on the PlayStation Store, and the physical edition is out near a retailer near you and at the Perp Games Store.

Until then…please enjoy…