Dead by Daylight: Tome X has been teased.

Tomes are two part additions to Dead by Daylight. It permanently adds the Tome 10 challenges, which reward you with bloodpoints, an exclusive tier of charms, and a new set of lore for specific characters, showing either more about their past, or untold stories from their life. And, for about 3 months, a new rift, which functions like a battle pass. With 70 tiers of unlockable cosmetics and charms. Some on a free track, and some on an additional paid track.

The unlockable cosmetics, charms and lore have almost exclusively been for Dead by Daylight original characters, the only exception being tome 7, which was primarily based off Bill Overbeck and other Left 4 Dead themed items.

Tome 10 will be the second tome with licensed content, being primarily based on SAW. Including challenges, outfits and lore based off the two playable SAW characters. The killer, Amanda Young, Jigsaw’s protege from SAW 2 and 3, and the survivor, Detective David Tapp, who was one of the lead detectives on the jigsaw case in the original SAW movie. 

They also teased the new skin Amanda will get in the pass. It shows a new mask where has taken the cracked mask of the billy puppet and wears it, along with a broken reverse bear trap atop her head like a demented crown. We do not know what Tapp’s new skin is yet, nor the other charms and cosmetics that will be in the pass.

Tome X launched this Wednesday, the 26th, and will be open for around 3 months, and if you miss out on it, don’t worry, previous rift exclusive skins have come to the general in-game shop.

And don’t forget the upcoming Ringu DLC, coming this March.

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